ARIVIA GROUP is a Greek company for the development and management of accommodation and tourist residences focusing on the provision of specialised proposals and services to our guests. We are experts in Greek Hospitality. ARIVIA GROUP offers personalised services oriented towards guests based on the ‘’social stay’’ and ‘’luxury stay’’ from our know-how and experience we have gained in the hospitality sector. Accommodation and hotel management solutions are designed to maximise visitor’s quality, services as well as the overall experience of our visitors. Be always there for our guests and improve efficiency.
We operate in the hospitality sector as both owners and managers of accommodation facilities and offer our services the unique experience of the traveller in absolute harmony with each guest needs. The services we offer are considered a “second class” as well as “given”, which is far from reality. We think and operate differently. We recognise that we are attempting at a time when there is a growing demand for individuality and originality. Successful accommodations have happy guests and at this part is where our company thrives

We believe in quality, personal contact with the visitor on a daily basis, if possible on a 24-hour basis, and the effectiveness achieved by adopting our high standards, along with a holistic approach where each member of our team is aligned to a common goal: our interest is identical to the owner’s interest and touches the absolute pleasure of the visitor.

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